Your car or truck is bouncing while driving? Simple steps to evaluate shocks and struts.

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Your car or truck is bouncing while driving? Andy has some simple steps to evaluate shocks and struts on your car or truck! In this video, Andy shows you some easy ways to diagnose whether your shocks or struts are worn or damaged, and he shows you how easy it is to replace them with parts you can buy right at our website! Shock absorbers are used to dampen the up and down motion of your car or truck’s wheels as they drive over uneven surfaces, bumps, and potholes! Struts do the same thing, but also have included springs, and they are designed to turn with front wheels for steering! Over time, shocks and struts get soft. They don’t absorb impact as well, and don’t rebound as well, which can make your car or truck feel like it’s driving on a trampoline. Also, shocks have bearings that can wear out and make grinding noises, or coarse feeling steering. Fortunately, shocks and struts are some of the easier parts you can replace yourself on your car or truck.

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0:00 Your car or truck is bouncing while driving? Simple steps to evaluate shocks and struts.
0:58 Visually Inspect your shocks or struts
4:47 Replacing Struts is Easy!
15:29 Replacing Shocks is Even Easier!
19:18 Before & After
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🔧 List of tools used:
• Complete Metric Socket Set
• Socket Driver
• Socket Extensions
• Bungee Cord
• Floor Jack
• Hammer
• Jack Stands

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