XTOOL D8BT Wireless Diagnostic Scan Tool, ECU Coding, Full Systems Diagnostics, Key Programming

XTOOL D8BT Wireless Diagnostic Scan Tool, ECU Coding, Full Systems Diagnostics, Key Programming

XTOOL D8BT Wireless Diagnostic Scan Tool, ECU Coding, Full Systems Diagnostics, Key Programming PRODUCT REVIEW

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In this video we will review XTOOL D8BT OBD diagnostics tool that supports 31+ special functions, ECU coding / engine computer coding, Bi-Directional Controls, Full System Diagnostics, Key Programming, Crankshaft/Camshaft Sensor Relearn, ABS Bleed. This is one of the best tools that you can get for the money. The tool is amazing and it can even pay for itself in just one use. It offers dealer level diagnostics for almost any car. This is our new favorite car diagnostics tool. It looks really well built and very intuitive.
Here is more about the XTOOL D8BT, description provided by the seller:
😃2022 Release ALL-IN-ONE Wireless Diagnostic Tool▶ XTOOL D8BT is affordable wireless scan tool for professionals/advanced Diyers,it can quickly detect different errors and also perform various of maintenance functions, make it pay for itself in a short time. D8BT offers a robust lineup of advanced functions such as ECU Coding, Bi-directional Controls, Wireless Full System Diagnostics, 31+ Services, allows the workshop mechanic to troubleshoot quick and efficient for a seamless work flow.
Advanced ECU Coding Capabilityâ–¶ XTOOL D8BT Newest auto diagnostic scan tool features with advanced ECU coding, allow you to access the ECU of a vehicle to re-flash vehicles control modules, and customize the vehicle as need, optimize the specific performance of vehicles. Also, it allows you to renew ECUs Coordination, recode the adaptive for certain components after making repairs or replacements, etc. Note: ECU Coding works on specific modules on some models only.
Extensive Bi-Directional Functions▶ XTOOL D8BT is a bi-directional scan tool, allow you to request information from a vehicle’s ECU or send commands to the vehicle’s modules to perform specific tests and functions, quickly and accurately pinpoint the fault causes.
31+ Special Functionsâ–¶ XTOOL D8BT is designed for mechanics and workshop, garages, along with the commonly-used service functions like Oil Reset, EPB, SAS Adjustment, DPF Regeneration, Throttle Relearn and Injector Coding, IMMO/Key Programming, ABS Bleeding, TPMS Reset, BMS, Power Balance, etc. Note: Service functions does not work on all vehicles. Please send the VIN and required function to [email protected] com to check compatibility before order.
OE-Level Full Diagnostics+ Wireless BT Connectivity â–¶ XTOOL D8BT provides you with OEM only diagnosis, getting the accurate and in-depth results across all automotive systems, OE-level full system diagnostic tasks for codes, freeze frame, read ECU information, matching, adaptation, view the live data from each available system in graph/text, perform active tests to check the work status of modules. Come with VCI for wireless diagnostics to offer you the higher mobility, NOT bounded by cables.

2-Year US Warranty & 3-Year Free Updates

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Cracked Auto Glass – Not a Matter to Be Taken Lightly

Contrary to what many vehicle owners believe, the windshield of a vehicle does more than just keep the wind and the rain out. Yes, it also stops dust from blowing in your eyes, but there’s more to it than that. As strange as it may sound, in many modern cars, the windshields can account for up to 50% of the vehicles structural integrity.

Auto Glass Repair – Not the Nightmare Many Believe It to Be

Let’s face it, just like 99% of drivers, you more than likely get in your vehicle every day without ever giving your windshield a second thought. After all, it’s hardy a piece of art, at least not until it crack or shatters.

Repair Parts – Do You Know What You Are Getting?

When you have a vehicle that needs repair, do you typically take it into a collision facility or a body shop and ask for an estimate? That’s what most folks do. But if you really want to be sure you get the best result, you may want to ask questions about the parts they are planning to use. And we’re not just talking about fenders and bumpers, but the tires, brakes and battery – all the parts that go into a used vehicle or truck repair. You may be surprised at what they plan to use.

Auto Glass – Why Cracks Need To Be Dealt With Swiftly

If your windshield has recently ended up with a crack, you really do need to consider getting it repaired as soon as you possibly can. The reason for this urgency is due to a number of factors.

Does Your Collision Center (or Body Shop) Use Environmentally Friendly Paint?

Did you know there is an environmental impact each time you get your car (or truck) painted? There are two categories of paints that you need to know about. One is VOC – Volatile Organic Compound which is solvent based – and toxic. The other is water-born which is environmentally friendly because it is not solvent based.

Aluminum Borg Warner Shifter Nuts – Why Are They Better Than Nylon Ones?

Borg Warner Aluminum Shifter Nuts are increasingly being used these days in 4-speed manual gear boxes, which are found in Ford and Valient model cars. These are a huge problem solver for a persistent problem being faced for long with nylon shifter nuts. These are a well-trusted component used in the Ford Borg Warner manual 4-speed box. These are most often used in race cars, speedway cars, hot rods or for street use in every day road cars.

What Is a Dump Valve? Do I Need One?

A dump valve is a release system that is present in almost all turbocharged engine applications. It is intended to release excess pressure and prevent any type of compression surge that is caused by mass airflow intake.

On-Site Service – The Better Option for Car Owners

There’s something grim about “taking the car in for a service”. It’s like taking a child to a dentist. You know there will be tears, but you’re not entirely sure what to do about it.

The History of Windshield Wipers

The windshield wiper is one of the most underrated parts of the vehicles that we drive today. The windshield wiper helps to keep us safe on the road, giving us the clear vision that we need to safely navigate during our travels. From clearing debris to keeping the windshield clear during rainstorms and snowstorms, the windshields wipers are crucial to our safety. The history of windshield wipers simply helps to reinforce that safety and the benefits that the parts provide.

What You Need to Know About Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is extremely important to have done to your vehicle on a regular basis. Those that do not get tire balancing done could end up causing serious damage to their vehicle over time. Tire balancing can be done by any ASE certified auto technician. This is not a task that is recommended for you to yourself.

Benefits of Iridium Spark Plugs

There are multiple types of spark plugs available on the market today. When most people need to change out their spark plugs, they rely on the mechanic they work with to make the decision for them as far as the type of plug that will be purchased is concerned. Your vehicle is an important purchase – you should be the one making these decisions. Learning as much as you can about specific plugs and the benefits of iridium spark plugs will help you to make the perfect decision for your vehicle.

Why Is It Important To Fix The Crack Or Hole In The Windshield?

In today’s economic condition, people always look for possible solutions in order for them to save some money. For example, instead of totally changing the entire windshield when it has a crack, the car owner can still fix them. They have a lot of options if they want to fix a crack on their car’s windshield.

Windshield Repair: What Everyone Needs To Know

Unfortunately, the cost of a new windshield can range anywhere between $300 to well over $1000, depending on the vehicle and the type of replacement windshield. OEM windshields, those made by the original manufacturer, are significantly more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts. In addition, many modern windshields offer features such as heating elements, sun coatings, and antennae, which significantly inflate the cost. Even with insurance, the deductible can be so high that it would be pointless to file an insurance claim. Thus, it is easy to understand why a $50 windshield repair is a favored alternative.

Tips For Choosing the Right Automotive Shop

Your vehicle may be of your most important investments. Choosing the right automotive shop for repairs and maintenance is crucial to keeping your vehicle running at its peak performance. One shop may not be appropriate for every type of automobile. Foreign and luxury vehicles may require specialized services and parts that economical models do not.

The Windshield: A Vital Safety Feature

Most drivers do not realize that their windshield is a vital part of their vehicle’s structural safety system. It provides very specific roles in keeping the driver and passengers safe during an impact. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs should be done to protect the integrity of the windshield and to ensure that it is functioning properly.

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