If you have Ford C-MAX and you want to see why the heater blows cold air on your Ford C-MAX we will demonstrate that in this video. We demonstrated why heater blows cold air on 2013 Ford C-MAX but the video may be helpful on:
2012 Ford C-Max Heater Blows Cold Air, Heater Cool Cold Fix
2013 Ford C-Max Heater Blows Cold Air, Heater Cool Cold Fix
2014 Ford C-Max Heater Blows Cold Air, Heater Cool Cold Fix
2015 Ford C-Max Heater Blows Cold Air, Heater Cool Cold Fix
2016 Ford C-Max Heater Blows Cold Air, Heater Cool Cold Fix
2017 Ford C-Max Heater Blows Cold Air, Heater Cool Cold Fix
2018 Ford C-Max Heater Blows Cold Air, Heater Cool Cold Fix
2019 Ford C-Max Heater Blows Cold Air, Heater Cool Cold Fix

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Do New Car Tyres Need to Be Aligned?

It is always a good idea to get new car tyres checked for alignment. It is quite easy for tyres to get out of alignment; you only have to hit a bad pothole in the road for the suspension to get bumped out of alignment.

Tips on Getting New Car Tyres

Anyone who owns a car will one day be faced with the chore of getting new car tyres. Tyres do not last forever and if you allow them to become too worn you are not only breaking the law, but posing a serious safety hazard to yourself and others. Your car tyres will usually be checked when it is time to register the car; if they are a bit worn, but pass the inspection they may need replacing before the next inspection in twelve month’s time. How do you tell if car tyres are worn?

Smack Then Crack – Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement?

The sound that is never fun to hear. The crack of a nice solid rock on your windshield. Wondering whether you should go for windshield repair or windshield replacement? Find out more about your auto glass needs.

All About Chrome Wheels and Rims

When wanting to change the look of a car to something different, the wheels and the tires that a person uses will make all the difference. The chrome wheels and chrome rims are something that does add a different visual appeal to the vehicle, though they do require a different type of care in the long run.

Mistakes To Avoid At The Auto Repair Shop

There are common mistakes car owners make when it comes to visiting an auto repair shop. You will want to avoid turning a good car repair experience into a bad one.

How To Find The Cause Of Noisy Automotive Brakes

It is not lost to many drivers that noisy automotive brakes can be very irritating, especially when navigating sharp turns or emergency swerves in the road. It is not so much as frustrating as it is worrying for the driver. For instance, if the driver is not the automotive buff and knows next to nothing about what’s under the hood of her car, she might think that something is terribly wrong and that an accident is only a narrow breadth away. And she will have been right.

What Can Be Done About Problematic Automotive Brakes

You know what it feels like when your automotive brakes start to create noises, most especially when you try to navigate the sharp turns and your brake suddenly squeals very loud. It is really the frustration that gets to your nerves, but the anxiousness that something very terrible might be wrong with your car. If it is a comfort, you are not paranoid. It is understandable to fear that noisy brakes could be a sign that something is wrong with the vehicle.

The Dog Days of Summer

Most of the country is experiencing very warm weather. The hot weather not only takes a toll on us, but also on our cars. However, there are some things you can do to help your car get through the dog days of summer whether you are driving a husky old waggin, a tricked out vet or a mixed breed.

Extreme Weather Drains Car Batteries

Discount batteries can found online for just about every make and model of car or motorcycle.You can even find discount lawn mower and marine batteries for a fraction of the cost at the major automotive store making finding your discount batteries online a good way to help keep your car running smoothly.

Choosing the Best Performance Tires

It’s not always easy to know which performance tires are the best for your vehicle, and that suits your driving style. It is also important to take into consideration the type of climate you are in. Low profile tires can have an adverse reaction on your car’s handling if your suspension is not tuned for them.

Basic Car Repair and Maintenance Tips

The last thing a new car owner is worried about is costly repairs. If you keep up with basic maintenance, you can considerably stay safe from both minor upkeep and major repairs. Failing to maintain the car and taking care of routine issues will not keep the vehicle reliable.

Car Repair for Road Trip Fanatics

Every car owner fulfills a dream when they purchase their first car. Owning and driving the car is the easy part. Caring for the vehicle and having regular maintenance is the harder task.

Why You Should Not Get Your Car Serviced At The Dealer

These days, the tough economic times are forcing everyone to take a hard look at where and how they spend their money. It is no secret that car maintenance adds up to a significant amount of money over the lifespan of the car. If you are fortunate enough to own a reliable car then this may not be readily apparent to you.

Importance of Windshield Repair and Replacement

Your windshield is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. It is essential to keep your windshield and all of your auto glass repaired and in good condition at all times. Driving with a chipped or cracked windshield may put you and your passengers at risk for injury in the event of a rollover or collision.

The Best Car Repair Shops In Troy, MI

Troy, MI is located in the suburbs just north of Detroit. Troy is known for it’s safety, energetic community, and one of the most diverse populations in all of Michigan. Troy boasts a thriving economy, and is a great place to start a family or a business. Being so close to Detroit, Troy has many ties to the Automotive Industry. This is great news for those of us looking for Auto Repair in Troy, MI, as there are countless reputable Auto Repair shops in the area. If you’ve been searching for a good place to take your car or truck for repair, we have listed a few of the best shops for Auto Repair Troy MI.

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