If you have Hyundai or Kia and have blue smoke coming out of the exhaust on Hyundai or Kia and you want to know what often could cause blue smoke in this video we will explain that. We demonstrated what could blue smoke out of the exhaust on Hyundai Kia but the video may be helpful on:
Hyundai Santa Fe blue Smoke Exhaust
Hyundai Sonata blue Smoke Exhaust
Hyundai Tucson blue Smoke Exhaust
Kia Cadenza blue Smoke Exhaust
Kia Optima blue Smoke Exhaust
Kia Sportage blue Smoke Exhaust
Kia Sorento blue Smoke Exhaust
Hyundai Elantra blue Smoke Exhaust
Hyundai Veloster blue Smoke Exhaust
Hyundai Genesis blue Smoke Exhaust
Hyundai Accent blue Smoke Exhaust
Kia Forte blue Smoke Exhaust
Kia Soul blue Smoke Exhaust
Kia Rio blue Smoke Exhaust

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