If you have Ford C-MAX and you want to see where the fuel filter is located on your Ford C-MAX we will demonstrate that in this video. We demonstrated where the fuel filter is located on 2013 Ford C-MAX but the video may be helpful on:
2012 Ford C-Max Fuel Filter Location, Where Is Fuel Filter
2013 Ford C-Max Fuel Filter Location, Where Is Fuel Filter
2014 Ford C-Max Fuel Filter Location, Where Is Fuel Filter
2015 Ford C-Max Fuel Filter Location, Where Is Fuel Filter
2016 Ford C-Max Fuel Filter Location, Where Is Fuel Filter
2017 Ford C-Max Fuel Filter Location, Where Is Fuel Filter
2018 Ford C-Max Fuel Filter Location, Where Is Fuel Filter
2019 Ford C-Max Fuel Filter Location, Where Is Fuel Filter

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Buying New Sets Of Shocks And Struts: A Comprehensive Guide

The first cars are practically made with tires that have oversized rubber bands that are stretched over ruggedly made wooden frames. They don’t have existing suspension systems that’s why riding them was very uncomfortable back in the days. A little bump would generally sway the car into one of its sides and would sometimes top over.

The Importance Of Shocks And Struts In Your Car

Understanding the basics about the shocks and struts of your car is very important. You might even have experienced it when your mechanic told you that you need to have them replaced because they have been blown out. The normal price of these car parts is somewhat very expensive and you can’t help but wonder: was it necessary to change them?

Features of Best Wiper Blades

Visibility is an important factor while you are on road and driving. Many cases of road mishaps have been blamed on poor visibility. Thus, drivers are encouraged to secure their cars with the best visibility tools.

How to Make Your Car Safer by Improving the Shock Absorbers

A study of the importance of good shock absorbers and how they can improve the handling, steering, braking and the SAFETY of your vehicle, no matter how large or how small. We examine the history of the Bilstein company, and briefly mention Australian Motor Racing. The value I place on good handling is my top motoring priority and to that end I have had a “love affair” with shock absorbers, springs, rack and pinion steering, upgraded bushes and brakes, since I was a teenager. A soggy sloppy suspension is a major turnoff!

Issues With Adopting a Waterborne Paint System

Due to environmental regulations, paint and auto body shops need to convert to waterborne paint systems. But the transition to the new technology isn’t as painless as it should be.

Tips for Preventing Car Problems

As a car owner, there are many bits of knowledge you need to juggle. Things such as car insurance, gas prices, and resale value are constantly hammered into our heads, so there’s a lot to think about when you own a car. If you own a car, you’ve likely encountered car problems, and the frustration that comes with them.

Lost Value Claims After Your Car Is Repaired

If you were in an accident and had your car repaired, you are entitled to compensation for your car’s loss in value in addition to having it repaired. Learn why and how.

Scheduled Maintenance: Improving The Performance Of Your Vehicle

The engine of your car normally experiences wear and tear because of friction that’s produced when it’s running. This reality is unavoidable and is a part of owning a vehicle. While some cars can go for several thousand miles before showing any signs of problems, there are other cars that need to be maintained every now and then in order for them to function properly.

Scheduled Maintenance Will Help You To Avoid Costly Repairs

Getting scheduled maintenance for your vehicle on time will help you keep your car in good condition for a long time. This will also make sure that your vehicle will not undergo major repairs since it is properly maintained by a good mechanic. You have to understand that repairs cost more than preventive maintenance.

How to Find the Right Mechanic for You and Your Car

Aside from having car insurance, finding a good, honest auto mechanic shop can be one of the most worthwhile things you do for your car. Finding a reliable mechanic is simple, but not necessarily easy. Simple in that the act itself is not complicated, but not easy in that you often times have to sift through a lot of different mechanics on your way to one that you feel you can trust.

Car Tips – Why Maintenance Is Required

Owning a car is not a right, it is a privilege. It is a great privilege to own a car, as it can be so convenient and so helpful. There are some areas of the nation that owning a car can actually be a disadvantage, such as large cities where everything is within walking distance, and there are no garages, causing you to pay for a parking space.

Choosing A Local Auto Body Repair Company

Ah, you have been in accident! Not a favorite experience of many people. Whats even worse than the actual fallout of the automobile accident itself is getting your vehicle repaired.

Recondition Your Battery For Longer Life

All over the world, millions of batteries are thrown away when they are no longer usable. This includes batteries used in cars, golf carts, motorcycles, heavy equipment and many other battery types used for many other applications.

How Recycling Of Tyres Is Achieved

Improper disposal of tyres is a growing threat to the environment. It not only makes the environment unappealing visually, it also degrades the ecosystem. For this reason, serious action needs to be taken for proper discarding and recycling of car tyres.

Cold Weather Care Tips For Your Windshield

When people prepare their vehicle for winter driving, they probably worry about servicing their engine or tires. One important area that is often overlooked is the windshield. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your auto glass in good condition and avoid a windshield repair or replacement. Here are some simple tips that you can follow this winter to prevent damage to your windshield and keep your auto glass in top working order.

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