These days, fewer people choose to repair their cars themselves than to take them to a professional. This is due in part to the complexity of modern automobiles. Cars thirty years ago were easy to fix with a few tools and some car knowledge. They were the most difficult to repair, according to a wide range of automotive mechanics’ testimonials. These four difficult repairs are worth keeping in mind if you’re considering an apprenticeship as an auto mechanic.


The clutch is a wear and tear part of a vehicle that may need to replaced every 30,000km depending on how you drive. A poor fitting that results in oil leakage is a less common reason to repair the clutch. The transmission must be removed to repair the clutch. This is why it can be so difficult to fix.

Spark Plugs

The ignition of gas vapors is controlled by the spark plug. This also controls the operation of your engine. Although the spark plug isn’t an expensive repair, they are essential as spark plugs can often be worn. Their small size and the fact that they can be hidden in areas that are difficult to reach is what makes them difficult to find. You might find them in difficult to reach places, so it could be a simple repair or I Spy’s two hour game.


Transmission repairs can be costly so it is not uncommon for mechanics to find customers who are reluctant to fix these problems until it becomes a major problem. The easiest way to tell if something is wrong is by leaking transmission fluid. Low transmission fluids, incorrectly adjusted shift cables and clutch connections can cause problems when changing gears manually. Professional attention is required for the overheating fluid, slipping gear, and the dreaded drag clutch.

Engine Replacment

People who have had to replace an engine in their cars, no matter how experienced or not, know that it is one of the most difficult tasks. You can replace your engine rather than buying a new car. A company-remanufactured engine can power your car for a long time at a very affordable price. Although the price tag may seem high, it is still less than buying a new car. However, repairs are not as easy as putting in a new engine. This is an extremely difficult process. You may have to replace certain parts depending on how much mileage your engine has accumulated, such as the transmission.

Recharging or Repairing An Air Conditioner

For now, Freon is the most important issue. However, the A/C system requires very precise high pressures. There are also lots of tubing and strange components. Some of these parts can be linked to a computer or buried in a dash. You probably have no business if you had to just look up the first law of thermodynamics.

Body Work

Bondo is still readily available, despite the revulsion that Bondo has been associated with. This is because bodywork is traditionally difficult: it is demanding, intolerance for minor errors, and often physically hard. Handling sheet metal is an art form. Find someone who can do it right if you want it to look perfect. You don’t have to be a batter if you want to go crazy with your sledgehammer.

Straightening A Frame

A modified frame doesn’t make a car a total write-off. However, it requires enormous amounts of force to get it straightened up again. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a large, costly machine. This is probably the most impossible home repair job.

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