If you have VW Tiguan and you need to reset inspection now warning message in this video we will explain how to reset inspection now on VW Tiguan. We demonstrated how to reset inspection now / inspection message warning on 2014 VW Tiguan but the video may be helpful on multiple years and generations of VW Tiguan:
2008 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2009 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2010 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2011 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2012 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2013 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2014 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2015 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2016 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now
2017 VW Tiguan Reset inspection Now

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Aerodynamic Body Repairs on Front End Spoilers Will Improve Mileage

How many times have you watched someone hit one of those curb stoppers in a parking lot, or the actual curb, and heard a crunching sound as their front in spoiler was smashed up against the concrete? Now most of these air dams in the front of cars are made of plastic which bounces back. However over time they get brittle and crack.

Auto Manufacturers Need an AI Predictive Software System to Suggest Car Repairs

The automobile repair industry associations and there are several of them often do PR campaigns explaining how many needed repairs go un-fixed, and just how much preventative maintenance goes unchecked. Not only does it hurt the industry’s bottom line, but it also becomes quite costly to automobile owners, not only leading to break-downs of major components, but also in fuel costs as the car, truck, or SUV runs inefficiently. Since today’s automobiles have so many electronic sensors, they should be able to adequately predict the life span of various components of the car, based on a database of…

A Brief Word About BMW Diesel Engines

The term Diesel engine refers to any internal combustion engine that uses the heat of compression in order to initiate cylinder ignition to burn a fuel which has been injected into the combustion chamber. This differs from spark ignition engines such as petrol engines which rely on a spark plug to ignite an air fuel mixture.

Windshield Wipers Need To Be Replaced – How To Find The Best Wipers!

This particular review report is designed to show you regarding how to pick the right windshield wipers. The alternatives are numerous and even just about overwhelming when it comes to windshield wipers. The right way to narrow down the field as well as chose the best wipers would be to understand specifically what criteria you may build your decision upon.

How Frequently Should You Have an Oil Change?

Keeping an average interval for oil change warrants the best performance of your car. Needless to say, this is one of the most significant tasks to be performed on a regular schedule as part of maintenance. With habitual check-up and maintenance you can have your car engine’s life working for long years.

4 Reasons to Find ASE Certified Technicians

There are plenty of different individuals who work in automotive repair shops around the nation. While some of these people have gone through the proper training channels, others have not. You need to know that the person who is working on your vehicle knows what they are doing. That is why you should seek out ASE certified technicians.

Gap Auto Insurance, What Is It Really?

The world of auto insurance can be tricky and difficult to understand, leaving many in a bind after accidents happen on the road. While many individuals feel that they are fully covered in the case of an accident, a strong majority of them are not. A prime example of this common auto insurance issue can be seen when looking at new vehicles and the importance of Gap auto insurance.

Getting An Oil Change – How Often Should You Do It?

Although the cost of changing the oil in your car’s engine is a considerable fact, it is an important question to know how often you will change your engine’s oil. The answer is not as easy as many people think. It is difficult because it depends on some factors that include the conditions in which you drive, how you actually handle the car, and whether you are driving mostly on the highway or in and around the city.

Get Better Gas Mileage With These Simple Tips

I have been a professional automotive technician for the last 21 years. I have learned a lot about fuel economy and getting better gas mileage and performance for all vehicles.

Using a Clutch Kit to Repair Your Vehicle

Those who are mechanically-inclined can probably replace a worn clutch with ease. Barring any unusual circumstances or factors, a clutch kit and your toolbox is probably all you’ll need.

3 Things to Look For When Searching for a Shop for Diesel Repair

If you have a diesel vehicle, you must be careful as to where you take your vehicle to be fixed. You want to know that you are going to an automotive repair shop that can handle your vehicle and fix it as it should be fixed. If you are looking for diesel repair, there are a few things you will want to focus on.

Benefits of Using Top Tier Gasoline

Most drivers find it difficult to choose the type of gas that they use for their vehicles, or simply choose whatever gas is cheapest at the pump. Few follow the instructions that are clearly stated in the driver’s manual for their vehicle, and even fewer truly understand what is in the gas that they are putting into their vehicle. Top Tier gasoline is one of the types of gasoline that drivers should familiarize themselves with and be looking to use in their vehicle.

Glass Repair Specialists – Service Expectations

Homeowners and vehicle owners come with different kinds of glass repair and replacement needs. Adding to it, individuals can expect four different kinds of services from glass repair experts.

How To Start A Car Repair Business

Most of us find car repair businesses everywhere yet we often complain about the lack of a good mechanic. You will be surprised to learn that becoming a good mechanic is not a tough task and you can conceivably start your own local business.

Chipped Automobile Windshields Can Crack Out From the Heat of Summer Day

Summer days can raise the windshield temperatures to over 120 degrees causing the windshield to expand then cool nights cause the windshield to contract, this action alone can cause a small rock chip to crack out. Windshields rock chips can crack out from installation stresses on the windshield. Most rock chips and small cracks can be effectively repaired and structural integrity will be restored. If you get a rock chip in your windshield cover it with a clear piece of tape if not in your direct line of sight to keep out dirt and moisture.

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