Upgrade Foggy, Cloudy, Dull, Hazy Headlights on Your Car or Truck with Performance Light Kits

Upgrade Foggy, Cloudy, Dull, Hazy Headlights on Your Car or Truck with Performance Light Kits

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The headlights on your car or truck are foggy, cloudy, hazy, yellow. You wish there were something better. There is! 1A Auto carries a huge selection of performance headlights for many makes and models of car and truck! What makes it a performance headlight? Clear lenses, projection beams, black housing, and LED daytime running lights! In this video, Andy puts some sleek new performance headlights on a Ford F-150 hanging around our studio, and the transformation is magnificent! Headlights are one of the easiest DIY projects you can tackle, so take a look for performance headlights for your car or truck!

🔧 List of tools used:
• No Tools Needed

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