Transmission Teardown! How Automatic Car / Truck Transmissions Work!

Buckle up, it’s a big one! Andy pulls an automatic transmission, and then tears it down to give you an inside look at all the pieces! He shows you how the gears and clutches work together to move your vehicle down the road. He shows how the whole system is directed by the computer, and actuated by automatic transmission fluid, which is why it’s so important to check fluid levels and replace dirty fluid! He even puts it back together when he’s done!

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4 Tips About Tire Replacement

Tire replacement is something that every car owner should take very seriously. This is because it has a direct correlation on how much money is spent on fuel, repair and maintenance.

Electrical Diagnostics Tools

Modern cars come with complex electrical systems meaning that electrical diagnostics tools are needed in the repair and maintenance. That being said, the following are some of the most common auto diagnostic tools you will find in most auto electric repair shops.

BendPak 2-Post Lift Vs Rotary 2-Post Lift

Customers frequently ask different questions about one brand of automotive lift versus another brand of automotive lift. One of the frequent questions is “How does BendPak Lifts compare to a Rotary Lift”? It’s a reasonable question as to ask as a consumer because both brands are very popular, especially in the home hobbyist market.

Reasons You Should Own An Automotive Scan Tool

Automotive technology is progressing very fast. Sometimes, it’s too fast to keep up with. And when modern vehicles detect any problems they tell drivers quickly by lighting up warning light, even you don’t notice any changes of vehicle behavior. You need an automotive scan tool to deal with problems. The scan tools are for not only mechanics or car enthusiasts but also anyone who drives a car. Here is the reasons you should own an automotive scan tool.

How to Know If Your Tie Rods Are Bad

If you’re steering is loose and hard to control then your tie rods are probably bad. It’s dangerous driving your car and can cause a terrible accident hurting or killing yourself and others. Your steering should be tight and when you take your hand off the wheel for a second, it shouldn’t sway to one side more than a few inches. The steering is made up of tie rods, struts, a center link and other parts. You need these parts in good condition to control the steering. If you drive an older car these parts are getting worn.

How to Keep From Getting Ripped Off on Auto Repairs

When you have mechanical issues with your vehicle, it’s a necessity to get it fixed because it’s your only transportation. Thousands of people are ripped off daily by scrupulous auto repair shops. Most are called ”backyard mechanics”. They’re a real shop but they are not qualified skilled mechanics. They’re usually young guys hired by the owner to perform repairs, such as changing oil, putting on tires, doing alignments, mufflers, shocks and more. They don’t know what they’re doing so when you pick up your car it’s usually in the same condition or worse after driving it off the lot.

Choosing The Right Transmission Replacement Shop For Your Vehicle

For your car to work properly you need your transmission to work well. If it doesn’t then you need to find out if your transmission requires repairs or if it needs a transmission replacement.

Why Dirty Oil Ruins the Engine to Your Car

Changing the oil is the most important maintenance needed for your car. The oil lubricates numerous parts and keeps the engine alive. The engine is the heart to your car and an engine replacement or overhaul is very expensive.

How to Locate Quality and Cheap Auto Repair

In recent days the world has become one large community with increased movement of people from one place to another for work or otherwise. This has been accompanied by a boom in the automotive industry where nearly every household is greatly dependent on their car.

Why You Need Good Tires On Your Car

Driving on bad tires causes a multitude of problems. If you have a good set of tires on your car, you can save their lifespan by 50% just by checking the air pressure once weekly. You need to purchase a tire gauge at your local auto shop and keep it in your glove compartment. Neglecting your tires will cause them to wear out much quicker than their life span. When you check the air pressure, if it’s too low, add some air. Be sure to add the recommended pounds for your car and tires. Your car manual should tell you how much.

Car Ownership Costs – Time And Money

It is easy to make the mistake that the price of the car is the biggest outlay, but actually the bigger costs are still to come at that point. Fuel, insurance, maintenance, accident repair; these all add up until they dwarf the original cost of the car. This is why it is worthwhile asking a few questions when you buy the car; what sort of fuel economy does it achieve, how often does it need servicing, what insurance group is it in, how much do the tyres usually cost. This will give you a better idea of how much the running costs of your new car will be.

Tips To Help You Protect Your Vehicle

Where you live can help you make the right choices for auto coverings. Some materials are better suited to extreme cold weather while others are made for light element exposure. Consider the weather conditions in your area before you make a final purchase.

Buying Vehicle Protective Covers Can Save You Money

Getting a protective cover for your car is beneficial because you will end up spending less money maintaining your vehicle over time. When a vehicle is not properly covered, it is susceptible to damage caused by sitting out in the sun for extended periods of time. Intense heat from the sun can ruin the paint finish. Discoloration of the paint and greater absorption of dirt are common problems associated with sun exposure.

Questions to Ask at the Transmission Repair Shop

Getting work done in the transmission repair shop can be a stressful time. Asking the right questions will ensure that your experience is as stress-free as it can be.

Looking Closely At Materials Used For Car Coverings

Water resistance is an important characteristic to look for in car covering materials. However, even the most resistant material has to breathe. If not, moisture would build up underneath it that could also damage the finish on your vehicle. Choosing a brand that offers breathable material is best. Keep in mind you can still have the water resistance you need in a breathable fabric. Look over the water resistance details surrounding your cover choice before making a purchase.

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