Top 5 Problems Scion xB Hatchback 2004-2006 1st Generation

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Here are the top 5 problems with your Scion xB, the 5 door boxy hatchback from Scion available as model years 2004 to 2006. Do you or someone you know own a Scion xB? Maybe you are looking to buy one soon? In this video, Len takes you through 5 of the most common problems people have with the xB, and gives you tips on what you can do to either fix these problems, or prevent them in the first place!

0:00 Top 5 Problems Scion xB Hatchback 2004-2006 1st Generation
0:35 Oil Consumption
1:53 VVT Solenoid
3:09 AC Not Cold Enough!
4:17 Squealing Noise From Brakes in Reverse
5:24 White Smoke from Tailpipe
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This process should be similar on the following vehicles:
2004 Scion xB
2005 Scion xB
2006 Scion xB

🔧 List of tools used:
• Flat Blade Screwdriver
• Phillips Head Screwdriver
• Complete Metric Socket Set
• 3/8 Inch Breaker Bar
• Ratchet
• Socket Driver
• Floor Jack
• Jack Stands


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