Top 5 Problems Mini Cooper Hatchback 2007-2013 2nd Generation

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These are the top 5 problems with the 2nd generation Mini Cooper, the compact hatchback that you can find in model years 2007 to 2013. In this video, Andy shows you the five most frequently reported issues with the Mini Cooper, according to mechanic data from across the country, and he gives you tips on how you can find and resolve these problems yourself on your Mini! If you own a Mini Cooper, know someone that does, or are considering buying one in the future, make sure to check out this video to learn more about them!

This process should be similar on the following vehicles:
2007 Mini Cooper
2008 Mini Cooper
2009 Mini Cooper
2010 Mini Cooper
2011 Mini Cooper
2012 Mini Cooper
2013 Mini Cooper


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Open Front Spray Booths: Without an exhaust fan interlock a Class 1, Division 2 safety zone extends10 ft. from the opening of the booth – an interlock between the fan and the spray guns cuts the safety zone to 5 ft. With or without an interlock, a 3-ft. safety zone is needed around the top of the opening.

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How Your Windshield is Manufactured – A windshield or the auto glass in the front of your car or truck is not made up of a single sheet of manufactured glass. It’s actually two layers of glass that are separated by a complete layer of polyvinyl butyrate. This layer of PVB basically glues and seals the two pieces of glass together. This serves several purposes, though the most important is to maintain the integrity of the windshield. In the event of damage, the windshield is less likely to shatter.

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