Top 5 Problems Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV 2nd Generation 1999-2004

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These are the top 5 problems for the 2nd generation Jeep Grand Cherokee! In this video, Len points out the 5 most common problems with the 1999 to 2004 Grand Cherokee, like the heat being too cool, ac being too hot, windows not going up and down right, thermostat causing overheating, and leaky differentials! Len also gives you expert advice so that you can repair those problems and better maintain your Grand Cherokee to avoid them completely!

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0:00 Top Problems Jeep Grand Cherokee 2nd Generation 1999-2004
0:16 Blend Doors
2:07 Window Regulators
3:51 Fuel Tank Venting
5:10 Thermostat
7:04 Differential Leaks
8:35 Rear Axle Arms
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