Top 5 Problems Honda Odyssey Minivan 3rd Generation 2005-10

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These are the top 5 problems that you might encounter if you own or drive a 3rd generation Honda Odyssey, which is available as model years 2005 to 2010. These are the most common problems according our experience, and reports from Honda and mechanics across the country! In this video, Len points out these problems, and gives you tips on how you might best resolve, repair, or replace the problem parts.

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0:00 Top Problems Honda Odyssey 3rd Gen 2005-10
0:24 Electric Sliding Doors
1:44 Brake Pulsation
3:10 Motor Mount
3:58 Transmission Issues | P0700, P0730
6:00 3rd Row Seating
7:04 Subscribe & Bell! | Shop Link Below!

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