Top 5 Problems Honda CR-V SUV 4th Generation 2012-16

Do you have a 4th generation Honda CR-V? It’s model years 2012 to 2016. In this video, Andy shows you the top 5 most common problems that you may find on this generation of the CR-V. He also offers tips and suggestions on how you can resolve or repair these problems yourself! If you or someone you know has a CR-V, or is planning to buy one, check out this video first!

Check out this playlist for more videos helping you diagnose other problems that don’t appear in this video:

0:00 Top Problems Honda CR-V 4th Gen 2012-16
0:19 AC Compressor
0:57 Automatic Transmission
1:19 Front Brake Rotors
1:51 Oil Pressure Switch
2:12 Water Leaking Into Cab
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