Top 5 Problems Ford Fiesta Hatchback 2011-2019 6th Generation

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Do you own a 6th generation Ford Fiesta and want to know more about it, or know someone that does, or are considering buying one? Check out this video! Andy fills you in on the top 5 most reported problems for the 2011 to 2019 Ford Fiesta, based on information from mechanics across the country! If you want to know how to solve these problems, or learn how you can prevent some of them, make sure to check out this video!

0:00 Top 5 Problems Ford Fiesta Hatchback 2011-2019 6th Generation
0:28 Throttle Body
1:18 Water Pump
1:58 Lower Control Arms
2:39 Fuel Pump
4:01 Blower Motor Resistor
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This process should be similar on the following vehicles:
2011 Ford Fiesta
2012 Ford Fiesta
2013 Ford Fiesta
2014 Ford Fiesta
2015 Ford Fiesta
2016 Ford Fiesta
2017 Ford Fiesta
2018 Ford Fiesta
2019 Ford Fiesta


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