These are the 9 Steps to Replace Your Brake Pad.


Inefficient brakes are dangerous. This is obvious.

It is important to change your brake pads regularly.

Safety while driving is dependent on many factors, but brakes are all about equipment. It doesn’t make sense to save money on brake pads.

You don’t have to take your brake pads to the mechanic. You can do it yourself.

It’s easy if it’s your first time. If you aren’t experienced, you may need to take some time.

Attention: After driving, make sure that the brake pads and discs are hot. This will prevent any potential risk of working in a dangerous area.

How to Change Brake Pads in 9 Steps

Step 1

You should make sure that your car won’t move, turn off the handbrake, and park in a flat area.

Step 2

Before you lift the car, loosen the lug nuts.

Step 3

To remove the wheel, jack the car. Two jack stands are recommended for safety.

Step 4

Take out the caliper bolts, and slide it away from the disc. The brake pads are the black parts near the disc surface.

Step 5

You can remove them from the caliper. There are many types of calipers, so it is important to check how your car works.

Step 6

You should inspect the brake rotors. They must be as smooth and free from any imperfections as possible. You will need a new one if it is damaged. You can also recondition discs, but this is not recommended.

Step 7

You will need to move the caliper piston to the original position with the thicker pads. To make enough room for the pads, an adjustable spanner, or C-Clamp, might be necessary.

Step 8

Put brake pad grease on any part that is not in direct contact with the rotor, and place them inside the caliper.

Step 9

If your car has four disc brakes, assemble everything and move on to the next side.

Once you’re satisfied, take a test drive and go for a spin. Attention, your brake pedal may be softer than usual and the braking distances might be longer. The new pads will be in their final position within a few days and any noises should vanish.

You should carefully assemble everything.

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