Teslong NTS500 Triple Lens Endoscope,Industrial Borescope Inspection Camera,HD Screen Product Review

Teslong NTS500 Triple Lens Endoscope,Industrial Borescope Inspection Camera,HD Screen Product Review

Teslong NTS500 Triple Lens Endoscope, Industrial Borescope Inspection Camera, HD Screen Product Review

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In this video we will review Teslong NTS500 Endoscope. If you are on the market for one of the best industrial grade waterproof endoscopes this is the right one for you. This endoscope can save you numerous hours of work and you can often inspect cars and diagnose the problem with ease. This is one of the best endoscopes that we have personally have used in the shop and it is definitely our favorite one as well. It feels really well built and the quality of the screen is amazing.
Here is more about the product (description provided by the seller):
TRI-CAMERA ENDOSCOPE – GET MORE FIELD of VIEW & CLEARER IMAGES – An extra side-view camera with short focus has been added to dual-lens endoscope, which optimizes the side-view camera’s ability to focus in particularly tight spaces.
LARGER SCREEN – Teslong’s Best Monitor – This handheld endoscope monitor includes a 5″ (720P) color IPS LCD screen with 1280×720 HD image resolution, 3500mAh rechargeable battery. The monitor employs industrial-grade plastic & a toughened glass screen, enabling the device to be drop resistant, slashproof and well-designed for industrial inspection work.
IP67 WATERPROOF – The NTS500 has an IP67 water-resistance rating for use in inclement weather and wet environments. This water-safe probe uses a 5-pronged aerospace connector, which allows for the probe’s use in pools, plumbing and the rain.
INCLUDES 32GB MEMORY CARD – This inspection monitor includes a micro SD card that supports JPG images and AVI video recordings, as well as records audio & video via speaker and microphone.

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