Smoke? Hot Smell from Wheels? Check Your Brakes! Diagnosing Seized Brake Calipers

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Do you see smoke, smell a hot or burning smell coming from your wheels? Can you feel heat radiating off your brake rotors? The problem is likely a seized brake caliper! When brake calipers stick, or seize up, the brake pads remain in contact with the brake rotor while your drive, which creates lots of friction and head. It’s basically like driving around with your foot on the brake pedal the whole time! In this video, hot smelly brakes lead Andy to diagnose the brake caliper, where he discovers rusted slider pins. The slider pins need to move in and out freely. If they get stuck, the brake caliper can remain clamped down on the brake rotor, which in turn heat up the brakes excessively. Andy points out the problem, shows you how you might be able to unstick and repair the rusted sliders, but ultimately replaces the caliper entirely, which is the safest option.

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0:00 Diagnosing a Seized Brake Caliper
3:45 Removing the Stuck Slider Pin
8:31 Clean the Caliper Slider Pin and Bracket
12:30 Or Replace the Caliper!

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