Scratched Bumper on Your Car or Truck? Fast Steps to Replace a Bumper Instead of Trying to Fix It

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Do you have a scratched bumper on your car or truck? Here’s the fast steps to replacing a bumper instead of trying to fix it! Most bumpers or bumper covers are some sort of plastic, and plastic is pretty difficult to do body work with. In many cases you might wind up doing more damage than good, or at least, the results won’t be that great. In this video, Andy shows you some common bumper damage, and how difficult it can actually be to repair correctly. He then shows you how easy it can be to just remove your old damaged bumper, and install a freshly painted new one!

0:00 Scratched Bumper on Your Car or Truck? Fast Steps to Replace a Bumper Instead of Trying to Fix It
0:45 Damage on pastic bumpers can be pretty tricky to fix
1:42 Even simple paint transfer blemishes can be tough to repair
2:37 A freshly painted new bumper is easier to install than you might imagine
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🔧 List of tools used:
• Flat Blade Screwdriver
• Phillips Head Screwdriver
• Complete Metric Socket Set
• Ratchet


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