Quick Fix to Get Rid of a Smell Coming From the Air Conditioning Vents in Your Car or Truck

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Is there a mildewy, musty smell coming from the vents in your car or truck when you turn on the air conditioning? In this video, Sue shows you how leaves, pine needles, and debris collect in the AC evaporator, creating those damp smells. You may have tried covering it with air fresheners, or cleaning the vent system with special sprays, but those are only temporary fixes. The best solution is to replace the AC evaporator.

0:00 Quick Fix to Get Rid of a Smell Coming From the Air Conditioning Vents in Your Car or Truck
0:37 Dirt, leaves, and debris buid up inside the evaporator causing musty mildewy smells
1:45 Air fresheners and sprays are just quick fixes
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