Overheating? White Smoke From Tailpipe? Easily Identify a Head Gasket Leak on Your Car or Truck

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Is your car or truck’s engine overheating? Do you see white smoke billowing out of your tailpipe? Does the exhaust smell sweet like maple syrup? These are tell tale signs that your car or truck might have a head gasket leak. In this video, Andy explains where the head gasket is, and how it helps engine fluids like coolant and oil stay separate, and where they belong! If you have any of these symptoms, you definitely want to avoid driving your vehicle until you can diagnose and fix the problem!

0:00 Overheating? White Smoke From Tailpipe? Easily Identify a Head Gasket Leak on Your Car or Truck
0:27 Where the head gasket is and what it does
0:46 Symptoms of a leaking or blown head gasket
2:15 Tests you can do to see if your head gasket is leaking
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🔧 List of tools used:
• Coolant Pressure Tester
• 5/8 Inch Spark Plug Socket
• Ratchet http://1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00016
• Socket Extensions http://1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00015
• Marker / Writing Utensil

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