Jason Patton: Save A Life (Like Your Own)

Frank is a firefighter who goes to see his doctor for his annual physical. He’s had a chronic cough for weeks, even months. He doesn’t bring it up to the doc. As the doctor begins to head out the door after doing his exam, he says to Frank, “well, if you don’t have any concerns, I’ll see you next year.”

Just then, Jason Patton of Fire Department Chronicles drops through the ceiling into the exam room. He says: “Boy, you’re really hacking up a lung there, Frank. That’s not normal for you, it’s been weeks of this. Don’t you know persistent health changes that don’t go away can be an early warning sign of cancer? Why not talk to the doc?”

Frank says he didn’t want to bother the doc and that’s it’s probably nothing. Jason leans on him until he agrees to tell his doc about the chronic cough so the right tests can be ordered.

1A Auto empowers you to do your own car repairs. Response Time Matters, while created for firefighters, can empower ANYONE to take control of their own health. Check it out. It could save a life (like your own).


1A Auto is proud to announce the launch of Response Time Matters, DetecTogether ’s health campaign for firefighters. As longtime supporters of DetecTogether’s education, we are honored to serve as the campaign’s Champion Sponsor, leading the coalition to reduce cancer death in the fire service.


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