Is your car or truck’s stalling engine hurting gas mileage? Time to check your throttle body.

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Is your car or truck’s engine stalling? Is that stalling hurting your gas mileage? In this video, Andy shows you why the throttle body might be causing your vehicle’s engine to stall. Many times, its simply because the back side of the throttle body has carbon buildup, and the valve is sticking. This can cause slugging acceleration, rough running, or even stalling. After cleaning or replacing your throttle body, don’t forget the relearn process for the ones that are electronically controlled!


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How to Purchase the Best Auto Lift

Top quality auto lifts are a priority for every car storage areas, garages and show rooms whether it’s at Langley or outside any place in Virginia. Since routine use of this device is frequent in the garages, it’s important that the device would be durable and fit for prolonged services. Lifting arrangements that are put in maintenance business of motor vehicles need to be entirely first-rate because one needs to be up and running all the time.

Increase Efficiency With Auto Lifts

The specialty of auto lifts is that they empower the lifting of your vehicle for commercial or personal purposes. With the passage of time, new developments have been made in the field of innovative technology to increase efficiency, save time and save resources for the dealerships that are looking forward to improve vehicle check ins, improve the performance of technicians and finally reduce waste matter.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Auto Lifts

Spending a small fortune on something that is meant to help your business seems harmless and just too good. However, the down comes when you realize that the auto lifts that you had purchased do not generate the desired amount of power and you have ended up making the purchase from an unreliable provider. Here are certain things to know before purchasing a car lift.

Should You Use Nitrogen Or Air In Car Tires

Using nitrogen instead of air has been a popular practice adopted by many race car drivers. Some tire manufacturers have indicated it provides for better fuel efficiency while others recommend against it for both safety and cost reasons. What many people fail to realize is compressed air is approximately seventy-eight percent nitrogen and, twenty-one percent oxygen and a mixture of water vapor and other gases. This is traditionally what most tire shops is accustomed to using and minimizes the need for specialized equipment to inflate tires. Using pure nitrogen will likely limit the options open to the car owner, as well as pose potential logistical issues throughout the life of the vehicle.

How You Can Tackle Oil Leak Problems

When you find out that you have oil leak problems it can be very disconcerting. Apart from the fact that it takes valuable time to be topping up your engine all the time, if you’re not careful it can lead to additional mechanical problems. Also, it can lead to quite a mess accumulating beneath your vehicle, especially if you park it in the same place each night.

Essential Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Car

Driving is something that is risky and no matter how well prepared you are, you just can’t seem to avoid some accidents. However, there are some things you can control. One of those very important things are the maintenance of your car or vehicle. Winter is an especially dangerous time of the year to be driving, since there are always factors like weather, snow, freezing conditions, and slippery roads to watch out for in addition to congestion on the road. On a positive note, drivers can reduce these risks of getting into a terrible collision by adhering to some essential winter maintenance techniques and processes. These tips will make getting through some tough winter driving conditions easier.

Collision Repair: How Much Damage Is Too Much?

Collision repair after an accident can range from minor dent removal to extensive structural repair. A number of factors determine the cost and labor involved in auto body damage repair, including the make of the vehicle and the type of collision. Most cars can be repaired after an accident, but it is up to the owner to decide if the cost is worth it.

What Types of Parts Are Used by a Body Shop?

A body shop will use many different types of parts, from original equipment manufactured, to aftermarket parts. Knowing about the differences can help individuals understand why certain parts are used, and in what instances they’re used.

Common Misconceptions About Using the Wrong Fuel

If you’ve just put petrol into your diesel vehicle, you might be feeling a little foolish – don’t be so hard on yourself! Statistics show that filling up with the wrong fuel is a mistake that is easy to make, and certainly not a rare occurrence. One of the main causes of using the wrong fuel is simple human error.

Looking For The Most Reliable Jeep Articles and Resources

There are many who own Jeeps all over the world and they need all the information they can lay their hands on so they can get the best news and many other information. Unfortunately, there are many Jeep articles and resources online and offline that are not reliable.

Improve The Function And Style Of Your Vehicle With The Bushwacker Fender Flares

The Bushwacker Fender Flares gives your vehicle that “low profile” look. It can optimize the aesthetic design of the vehicle and it can help protect your vehicle as well.

Shopping for a Used Mobile Oil Change Rig – What To Look for In Van and Truck Configurations

Let’s say, you’d like to start your own business doing mobile oil changing. If so, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going out and buying all new equipment. This is because this sort of industrial equipment can get quite expensive, plus, small business startups are not so easily funded, and leasing equipment seem to charge an arm and a leg sometimes.

Quick Lubes Should Consider Mobile Oil Change Services for Fleets

Old habits in industry die hard, and that’s too bad really. Let me give you a for instance in the oil change sector. You see people that own Quick Lubes consider their business model to be superior, while those who do mobile oil changing feel that they have the best business format.

Why You Should Play Car Songs While Doing Mobile Oil Changing in Parking Lots

If you own a mobile oil change business and a good chunk of your business is going to corporate parking lots and changing the oil for employees while they work that you should consider playing music while you conduct your business on those corporate properties. Let me explain why. You see, when you are working on cars in the parking lot it is somewhat out of place, and there will be people watching you and looking out the window.

What Happens During A Car Service?

It’s that time of year when many of us will have booked our vehicles in at a local garage for its annual car service. We all know the importance of having a car serviced, it ensures the car runs at its optimum performance, makes it safer to drive and more efficient to run thus saving you money. But what exactly happens whilst you’re waiting to collect your car and our technicians are hard at work? Here we give you an insight into what may happen during your car service.

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