If you have a car with foggy or yellowish fog lights and you want to make your fog lights to look like new again in this video we will explain how to make fog lights to be shiny and clear like new. We demonstrated how to restore faded yellowish fog lights on BMW but the procedure may apply to multiple cars that have plastic lens fog lights and they turned yellow or foggy. Hopefully the video will be helpful to any of you that need to restore foggy fog lights on a car.

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Equus 3100 Innova Diagnostic Code Reader

I am certain that you will agree with me when I say that it is annoying when you have to go to a mechanic once the check engine light appears. It is even more annoying when it reappears a few months after you get it fixed. Now you don’t have to worry because the Equus 3100 Innova diagnostic code reader will make things simple for you. Read on to learn more.

How About Using Bullet Proof Vest Future Technologies to Create Kinetic Automobile Tires?

Our military researchers are now working on adaptive bulletproof vests, which will morph as the bullet hits them, displacing the energy across the vast rather than towards the soldier wearing the vest. Such technology is nearly upon us, and we should be able to see this within the next five years. Such incredible technology is a marvel of military scientific ingenuity, but it also has many advantages in other industries, and therefore makes a perfect transfer technology in materials.

Common Car Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioning system is a luxury component of any car. It helps in cooling up of the internal atmosphere of a car and making the journey a pleasurable one.

How To Change A Car Tire?

The procedure involving the changing of a tire of a car is easy to remember but hard for most of us to do as it requires a lot of physical strength. Nevertheless, the knowledge is extremely essential especially if we find ourselves in a situation where no professional help is available in close proximity, like in the highways or in deserted country lands.

Car Radiator Leak Repair

Radiator is an important part of an engine of a car, performing as a heat exchanger. The coolant inside it absorbs the heat from the engine block and passes this to auto part where the belt-driven or electrical fans cool it down.

Car Side View Mirror Replacement

A side view mirror is an essential part of a car or a motorcycle, which helps the driver to look at the vehicles approaching him from his behind. This helps the driver to know when to slow down or be extra careful while taking some sharp turns.

Car Dent Removal

Dents in a car can not only make it look bad and ugly but also causes lowering of its market value. Dents can be caused either due to collision during an accident or when the surface of the car gets accidentally brushed by any tools or heavy objects carried by you. In any case, removal of dents becomes absolutely necessary.

Replacing Car Thermostat

Thermostat is a small and neglected part of a car. However, it performs an important function by controlling the temperature of the engine coolant valve. Thus, when it stops functioning, the car engine can get overheated and does not work anymore. Thus, once this thermostat begins to wear out, it should be replaced without much delay.

Bumper Repair Cost

Usually, the first thing which gets damaged during a collision of a car with something is the bumpers of its front or the rear portion, depending on the situation. At that time, either one has to repair or replace the bumpers completely, based on the extent of the damage. Now, that determines how much money you need to shell out for the accident.

How to Replace a Headlight Bulb?

It is very important to know the procedure of replacing your car’s headlight bulb as it may be required during any emergency situation where a mechanic may not be able to come for your rescue. Replacing a head bulb is relatively easy and constitutes only a few steps.

How to Change Brake Fluid?

The hydraulic braking system of most cars and motorcycles use a particular type of hydraulic fluid which is called braking fluid. This fluid is very important in the maintenance of the vehicle like protecting the braking system from getting corroded and also keeping it lubricated. Thus, this fluid itself needs a bit of maintenance in exchange of all these.

Shopping for BMW Modifications

BMW Vehicles are known for their sporty performance and handling, despite their classification as a luxury brand. Because of this unique combination, they are one of the most popular cars for “modification” or aftermarket enhancement by their owners. BMW drivers seek increased performance and aesthetics from their already sporty vehicles, narrowing the gap between their Non-M model and the M version, or even narrowing the gap between their M model and a high end car like a Porsche or Audi R8. This article will discuss some of the options when modifying a BMW!

Reliable Dent Repair Company: Rendering Complete Satisfaction

The automobile company these days takes care of almost every need of your automobile. There are a few important things that the owner of the automobile must do in order to claim any sort of fund from the insurance company.

Automotive Applications of the Flex Hone Tool

The flex hone tool can be used in a variety of applications, including automotive applications. Find out flex hones are used to maintain automotive engines.

Oil Change – The Different Types of Motor Oil

Most people know that it is important to get an oil change on a regular basis. However, a lot of people have no idea that there are so many different types of motor oil out there to pick from.

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