If you have Ford C-MAX and you need to remove exterior door handle or replace exterior door handle on your Ford C-MAX we will demonstrate that in this video. We demonstrated how to remove exterior door handle or replace exterior door handle on 2013 Ford C-MAX but the video may be helpful on:
2012 Ford C-Max Exterior Door Handle Replacement Removal
2013 Ford C-Max Exterior Door Handle Replacement Removal
2014 Ford C-Max Exterior Door Handle Replacement Removal
2015 Ford C-Max Exterior Door Handle Replacement Removal
2016 Ford C-Max Exterior Door Handle Replacement Removal
2017 Ford C-Max Exterior Door Handle Replacement Removal
2018 Ford C-Max Exterior Door Handle Replacement Removal
2019 Ford C-Max Exterior Door Handle Replacement Removal

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Mitsubishi Pajero, a Brief History – Ideal Engines and Gearboxes

In 1973 Mitsubishi motors introduced the first prototype for the basis of the Pajero line, this was followed by another prototype in 1978 dubbed the Pajero II. It took another five years before the Manufacturer would put this model into production. The name Pajero was not viewed as marketable in certain countries because it does not translate favourably into certain languages.

Mobile Oil Change Business Viability Considered in the US

There are indeed quite a few businesses you can start, in a multitude of industries, real businesses, not just online trinket selling. The reality is that most little online businesses barely make any real money, and if you have been laid off from corporate America, surely replacing that salary and benefits is highly unlikely. Now then if you want to start a real business, in the real world, I’d recommend a service type business, something mobile, not requiring signing a long-lease for a business space.

Windshield Chip Repair Prevents Replacement

Most drivers know the experience of speeding down the highway when suddenly a small rock or road debris crashes into your windshield. Once you recover from the shock, you realize there is a small chip in your windshield. The chip does not look bad and is not impeding your vision in any way so you decide just to leave it alone. Unfortunately, that chip can quickly spread into a crack, requiring you to replace your entire windshield.

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance Saves Money and Time

We rely on our vehicles to get us to work, run errands, transport our families, travel long distances, and get us home again safely, regardless of weather or road conditions. Despite our reliance on our vehicles, many owners neglect or delay routine maintenance in hopes of saving money. While this approach may save money in the short term, following a routine maintenance schedule can actually save drivers money in the long run by improving gas mileage and preventing costly repairs.

4 Ways to Ensure Your Car Life Cycle Lasts Longer

Regular car services are a vital part of maintaining the quality and efficiency of our vehicle, and preventing issues and problems from cropping up. We know that if we put the effort in preemptively, we can ensure our cars last longer and are safer over the time we own them.

Re-manufactured Steering Parts, Are They Reliable?

Re-manufactured steering parts have come a very long way. Experts in the area are mastering flawless ways to recycle auto parts that last better than the original.

Used Transmissions Vs Remanufactured Transmissions

So you have to replace your transmission and you are wondering what are the pros and cons when it comes to used transmissions vs. remanufactured transmissions. The main difference between used and remanufactured transmissions is that a used transmission is just that it’s used; it was in a car that is likely not on the road anymore.

Choosing the Right Summer Tires – Spring Tire Season Is Here

Spring tire shopping for summer tires is a little more relaxed then shopping for winter tires. Now is the time of year that we look into a set of tires that not only wear well but also gives us a comfortable ride.

What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent removal is a good idea for those who have minor dents or dings they want to remove from their vehicle. It doesn’t require major body work, and in most cases you can have your car back in as little as a day as opposed to several days to weeks with major body work. The cost is also much lower since the overhead is lower. There are some instances where paintless dent removal isn’t possible. If you have a simple dent you want to have pulled out, here are a few things to consider.

How to Find Cheap Rims and Tires

There are more ways to customize your car in the most affordable way and that is by installing quality but cheap rims and tires. Aside from the upgrade in appearance that you can get for your car, you are also increasing its value in case you opt to see it in the future.

Spring Cleaning Your Car After Winter Driving

Most people know that they need to prepare their cars for winter, but many overlook the maintenance that should be performed before spring driving. Winter driving can take its toll on your vehicle. As the weather starts to warm up, it’s a good idea to perform some basic maintenance to keep your vehicle in great order. Here are a couple things you should check.

I’m Confused! How Often Do I Really Need To Change My Oil?

Twenty years ago vehicles weren’t as efficient as they are today and needed more frequent oil changes. Today’s driving patterns as well as breakthroughs in automobile and oil technology have influenced the rules a bit. Factors such as oil type, driving circumstances, weather factors and the auto manufacturer recommendations, all play a role in deciding the right choice for you and your car.

Common Car Problem Solutions

Knowledge of common car problems is a must for every car owner. It helps prevent more complicated and costly repairs.

Have A Vibrating Car?

Vibrating cars are not good at all. Do you know why yours is vibrating?

Importance of Oil Change in Vehicles!

Changing a vehicle’s oil on a regular basis is an extremely important task which offers a number of benefits to vehicle owners. If it is not changed on a routine basis, it can result in engine wear and tear.

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