How to Diagnose a Common Problem in GM Truck Fuse Boxes

How to Diagnose a Common Problem in GM Truck Fuse Boxes

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Are you having random electrical problems in your GM vehicle that you just can’t figure out? Watch this video! Len shows you how uninvited guests can make a mess of your fuse block, and wreak havoc on your electrical system!

Check here for more diagnostics you can do yourself in your driveway!

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The Difference Between Symmetric and Asymmetric Automotive Lifts

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Check Engine Light/Service Engine Light, What Do They Mean?

A Check Engine Light is also known as a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (the MIL), and is a part of the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) System. Engines are now managed through computers in terms of their performance, working condition, service requirements, wear and tear, and the like. It is no more a matter of checking everything manually; rather computers are present to take up this responsibility. A check engine light is usually placed in the instrument panel. On the other hand, a Service Engine Light is something different. A service engine light indicates that a service is required, probably only an oil change or minor regular maintenance; it never indicates a problem as in the case of a check engine light. Although both are warning lights, they differ greatly in terms of urgency and/or a threat.

Does My Car Need an Engine Replacement?

Apparently one of the most important parts in a machine is its engine. Every mechanical device, or any asset for that matter, undergoes wear and tear due to continuous use. The engine, being the driving force behind a machine’s operating function, needs repair and maintenance at regular intervals. Besides, assets have an expected life at the completion of which they are either replaced or disposed off.

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