Grinding, Whirring Noise from Manual Transmission? Why You Need to Check Manual Transmission Fluid!

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Do you check the fluid level on your manual transmission? You should! A grinding or whirring noise coming from your manual transmission can be a sign the fluid is low. If you’re not sure how important transmission fluid is, watch this video! In this video, Andy tears down a damaged manual transmission to discover the point of failure. This transmission had been making grinding, whirring noises, stalling the car, and eventually seized up, causing lots of damage. That’s why you should regularly check the fluid level on your manual transmission, and keep an eye out for leaks!

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0:00 Grinding, Whirring Noise from Manual Transmission?
0:18 Summary of Symptoms
1:26 Examining Transmission on the Bench
5:26 Teardown Starts
16:25 Getting to the Internals
29:51 The Problem Found!
31:19 How Much Would It Cost to Rebuild?
33:36 Conclusion: Keep Up Fluid Maintenance!
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