Get better gas mileage! Haul more cargo! Inspect shocks or struts on your car or truck.

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Get better gas mileage, haul more cargo! Shocks and struts keep your car or truck level, and riding smooth. A sagging front or rear end can mess with your suspension geometry and aerodynamic design! If your car or truck is sagging, leaning, or bouncing, check out this video to learn how to find problems with shocks and struts, and improve mileage in the process! In this video, Len shows you what ways shocks and struts can wear out or get damaged, and what effect that can have on your car or truck’s handling and efficiency!

0:00 Get better gas mileage! Haul more cargo! Inspect shocks or struts on your car or truck.
0:54 Sagging or slanting cars or trucks could be from overloading, or worn shocks and struts
1:18 How to know when your struts are bad
3:11 How to know when your shocks are bad
4:28 Can worn, damaged shocks or struts affect fuel economy?
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🔧 List of tools used:
• Pry Bar
• Complete Metric Socket Set
• 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar
• Ratchet
• Floor Jack
• Jack Stands


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