If you have Ford C-MAX and you need to replace rear stop light bulb or replace rear brake light bulb on your Ford C-MAX we will demonstrate that in this video. We demonstrated how to replace rear stop light bulb or replace rear brake light bulb on 2013 Ford C-MAX but the video may be helpful on:
2012 Ford C-Max Rear Stop Brake Light Bulb Replacement Removal
2013 Ford C-Max Rear Stop Brake Light Bulb Replacement Removal
2014 Ford C-Max Rear Stop Brake Light Bulb Replacement Removal
2015 Ford C-Max Rear Stop Brake Light Bulb Replacement Removal
2016 Ford C-Max Rear Stop Brake Light Bulb Replacement Removal
2017 Ford C-Max Rear Stop Brake Light Bulb Replacement Removal
2018 Ford C-Max Rear Stop Brake Light Bulb Replacement Removal
2019 Ford C-Max Rear Stop Brake Light Bulb Replacement Removal

► Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb:
► Brake Stop Light Bulb:
► Reverse Light Bulb:
► Tail Light Bulb:
► Panel Removal Set:
► Tool Set:
► Screwdriver Set:
► OBD Scanner that we use most often:

► Buy Tools Parts Here:

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Understanding the Logic of MOT Tests

Perhaps this is one of the least popular aspects of vehicle ownership in the UK. However the management of MOT tests has ensured that the roads are safer for everyone that uses them. The vehicles that are not fit for purpose are not allowed on the roads.

Keep in Touch With Other MOT Service Users

Taking the MOT in High Wycombe is not just about your vehicle. You will learn a lot of things from other vehicle owners who may be in a situation that is similar to yours. They might give you tips on the worst garages and the places where they have good practice.

Mobile Trailer Repair Problems? No Problem

Do you operate a truck and trailer in or through Winnipeg regularly? Whether you live here or not you can take advantage of cheaper mobile repair rates than some of the larger cities have like in Alberta or Ontario if you know where to find a great shop. First of all let us take a look at some of the trailer fixes that can cost you too much.

Squeaky Brakes – How To Find A Reliable Auto Repair Shop

Car brakes do not last forever. They need to be replaced from time to time. Do not try to attempt this yourself, but find a reliable shop specializing in auto repair in Sterling, VA. Never forget; your life depends on your brakes when you are on the road!

Wintertime Driving – Replace Your Autos’ Battery Every Three Years Like Clockwork

If you live in a cold winter climate and your automobiles’ battery is more than 3 or 4 years old replace it. Your engines’ starting power source has more than provided you with good value and service. Replace the unit ahead of time – anything else is false economy. You deserve and need reliable transportation.

Top 3 Breakdown Cover Deals

A long drive is feared by many motorists because they are thinking about any possible breakdown to take place along the way. In this case, it is highly recommended that you are covered by any insurance company in order for you to get help and assistance whenever problems come your way. If you do not want to feel helpless during this crisis, you ought to acquire breakdown cover insurance plan for your automobile.

Slick Performance Tips for Automotive Enthusiasts

Automotive performance is about squeezing as much horsepower as you can out of your engine. How does your beast stack up?

Auto Maintenance – Some Tips for Great Savings

Today’s fast paced life requires us all to own at least one vehicle as towns are getting bigger and so are the distances. It is undeniable that life can be very challenging and harsh without your own conveyance.

Bumps, Clatters and Squeaks – What the Worrying Noises in Your Car Mean

For longer than I care to admit, my solution whenever I heard a strange noise in the engine of my car was to turn up the radio–that way, I could no longer hear it and in my mind, it was no longer a problem! Sadly, the wonderful world of engines doesn’t quite work that way, and when an auto mechanic informed me that my car was not long for this world, the shock and grief made me vow to always listen to what it was trying to tell me! If you’re anything like me, take heed of my sad tale…

Keeping Your Car in Good Working Order

Buying a desired car is the dream of every second person. However, it is not a big call to purchase a car by paying a huge price. Car service is the crucial factor which plays an essential role to avoid certain mechanical problems and make your dream car to run on four wheels perfectly.

Experience the Toyota Care for New 2011 Toyota Vehicles

With their new Toyota Care, a complimentary maintenance plan that now comes with every purchase of a 2011 Toyota, customers can rely on Toyota for their maintenance needs for up to two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Here are some ways you can benefit from the Toyota Care.

Auto Repair: Knowing Just How Much Is Too Much

When getting their car repaired, a lot of car owners think long and hard if their car is worth fixing. Asking if the car is worth all the money needed for repairs all lies with the car owner, and not with the mechanic. Looking at the cost for repairs can help resolve this dilemma.

3M Headlamp Restoration Kit – How To Restore Your Hazy Headlamp Lens

Have your headlights have become hazy? Not only does it spoil the appearance of you car, but it degrades the efficiency of the lights, which could be dangerous in poor driving conditions. There are three options to resolve this. They are, replace the lights, get them repaired at a garage or buy the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit. Please note – this kit is for Plastic Headlight Lens Only.

What’s Wrong With My Car?

If you are lucky enough never to have had a problem with your car, you should read this article to give you an idea of what to look out for when your car finally does succumb to a couple of the most common issues. It might just save you an expensive breakdown service call out.

Oil Change Coupons: Save Your Money With Coupons

Change your car oil need to be done regularly. Yo can spend about $100 per year. Some workshop stations provide an oil change coupon as a tactic to invite new customers and keep their customers. By the coupons customers will get discounts on service, discount prices of spare parts or sweepstakes prize. In this way car owners can reduce their expense in car maintenance.

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