If you have Ford C-MAX and you need to remove inner tail light or replace outer tail light on your Ford C-MAX we will demonstrate that in this video. We demonstrated how to remove inner tail light or replace outer tail light on 2013 Ford C-MAX but the video may be helpful on:
2012 Ford C-Max Inner Tail Light Replacement Removal
2013 Ford C-Max Inner Tail Light Replacement Removal
2014 Ford C-Max Inner Tail Light Replacement Removal
2015 Ford C-Max Inner Tail Light Replacement Removal
2016 Ford C-Max Inner Tail Light Replacement Removal
2017 Ford C-Max Inner Tail Light Replacement Removal
2018 Ford C-Max Inner Tail Light Replacement Removal
2019 Ford C-Max Inner Tail Light Replacement Removal

► Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb:
► Brake Stop Light Bulb:
► Reverse Light Bulb:
► Tail Light Bulb:
► Panel Removal Set:
► Tool Set:
► Screwdriver Set:
► OBD Scanner that we use most often:

► Buy Tools Parts Here:

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Inflate Your Wallet: Fix Your Own Flat Tire

If you have driven a vehicle for any length of time, you have probably experienced a flat tire. For some individuals, such as those who frequently pass through construction zones, this may even be a common occurrence. On average, a properly repaired tire should cost at least $20.

Tips To Choose Car Body And Paint Shop

When you find suddenly that you are in need of a body and paint shop on an immediate basis, you realize that you have several options and choosing one body shop from so many shops available becomes a real difficult task. There are several things which you need to consider when you are choosing and paint shop. The main reason being that if you make a wrong choice you will not only be risking your vehicle but you will also be wasting your hard earned money and time too.

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Safety in the road when you are driving is very important, a lot of accidents do happen because of negligence on the owner of the car. A crack in your window shield might be a small problem for you but it can lead to serious car accident if you do not do anything to replace or fix it. When you have this kind of problem, you need to go to a auto windshield companies which will replace or fix your broken wind shield and since there are a lot of companies to choose from, you need to find the right one, how? Here’s some helpful advice for you.

What You Need to Know About Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter is a device that has been mandatory to put on vehicles since 1975. The threat of air pollution is staggering and with a catalytic converter there is not as much of a threat as there used to be. This device is made to help reduce the harmful emissions that come out of the exhaust of your vehicle.

Basics About Shocks and Struts On Your Car

It is important that you understand the basics about the shocks and struts on your car. There is a good chance that you have been told a time or 2 by an auto technician that the shocks and the struts are blown on your vehicle and will need to be replaced. The price will often be a lot more than you expected and you will find yourself wondering if it is really that necessary to get them replaced. Like all parts on your vehicle, it is a good idea to try to have a basic understanding on what everything does and its importance to your vehicle and its ability to run.

Car Body Repairs to Protect From Rust

All those who own cars in places where there is much brine in the air like near the sea or ocean, or where salt is used to make snow laden roads motorable, or which are very rainy and cars are exposed to long periods of wetness, will agree that rust is more likely to blow a big hole in their pocket than in the car body. Despite advances made in technology to develop corrosion resistant materials and undercoats, probably more money is spent in car bodywork repairs for rust control than for collision repair. If you need to get…

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Recaro Car Seat

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Mitsubishi Engine History

In 1917 a company called Mitsubishi Shipbuilding co introduces the Model A. this was Japans very first series production vehicle. The Model A was a completely hand built seven seat vehicle. When compared to its rivals (the mass produced offerings from America and Europe) it was considered too costly and production was discontinued in 1921.

Car Solutions for Paying Less on Servicing Costs at a Garage

With an estimated 31035791 cars on UK roads at the end of 2010 (Source Daily Telegraph) and a large proportion of that number using main dealers for servicing it pays to do your homework when it comes to service costs. working in the motor trade for 15 years has provided me with some experience on this matter. With some dealers charging over 100 per hour in labour some of these costs can be easily avoided altogether or reduced if you know how. This article is to help consumers know more about servicing information, dealership charging routines and how best to tell if you really are getting what you paid for.

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In the hustle & bustle of today’s world, if you want to maintain your car’s bodywork it is important for you to find a quality car body repair centre. Not just one which is easy to deal with & competitive, but one that can consistently produce quality body repairs that will last.

Ideal Engines – Installing a Remanufactured Engine

One of the first things to do when installing a replacement remanufactured engine is to set it side by side on the floor with your original engine. Visually check over the replacement Remanufactured engine to ensure there has been no damage incurred during the shipping process.

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