If you have Ford C-MAX and you need to remove door lock cylinder or replace door lock cylinder on your Ford C-MAX we will demonstrate that in this video. We demonstrated how to remove door lock cylinder or replace door lock cylinder on 2013 Ford C-MAX but the video may be helpful on:
2012 Ford C-Max Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Removal
2013 Ford C-Max Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Removal
2014 Ford C-Max Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Removal
2015 Ford C-Max Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Removal
2016 Ford C-Max Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Removal
2017 Ford C-Max Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Removal
2018 Ford C-Max Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Removal
2019 Ford C-Max Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Removal

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Find a Great Mechanic – Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Since the cost of maintenance and repair is an inevitable cost of ownership, the challenge for consumers is getting the very best VALUE for every maintenance dollar. The secret to getting this value is simple – find and stick with a great mechanic. So how do you find a great mechanic? Sometimes, it is better to know what not to do. Avoid these easy pitfalls to find a mechanic that will save you money and deliver value on every dollar you spend at their shop.

Don’t Let Worn Brakes Compromise Your Safety

Your brakes play a major role in the overall safety of your vehicle. Drivers expect them to work properly and consistently. Unfortunately, neglecting regular maintenance can compromise the performance of your brakes and the safety of your passengers. Regular inspections will ensure that all the components of your braking system are working correctly.

What Are the Chances of a Chipped Automobile Windshield Cracking Out?

Windshields are made of three parts: one clear vinyl laminate sheet sandwiched between two pieces of glass pressed together and heated to make our modern windshields. In 1904 the first windshields were made of single sheet glass…

Removing a Locked Club or Steering Wheel Lock

What do you do when you have lost your keys to your Locked Club or Steering Wheel Lock also called a steering wheel car theft prevention device? To remove Clubs several websites recommend forcing the lock with a screwdriver or to freeze the lock with Freon. Both of these methods do not work and usually result in damaging the steering wheel, front windshield or causing the airbag to deploy at the cost of hundreds of dollars (one person had the front and side air bags deploy at the cost of over $3000). Another customers’ fingers were frost bitten not to mention how expensive and environmentally unfriendly using Freon to freeze the lock. I have never seen the results of using Freon work on any lock. An Automotive or car locksmith has been trained to safely, and with no damage to the car, remove a locked Club or Steering wheel lock. Most of the time they can pick the lock with their lock picks quickly and efficiently.

Why Regular Car Servicing Is Important

With the price of fuel ever on the up and insurance costs increasing, it might be tempting to miss a few services. Saving money by not taking your car in for an annual service is a false economy though as you may end up paying more for faults that could have been picked up on in a service before they became serious.

What an Audi Specialist Can Do for You?

Are you looking for an Audi specialist who can offer repair services at down to earth rates? Then read this article carefully as it discusses what to expect from an Audi service specialist and how can you make sure that you get the best out of it.

Nature of Auto Locksmith Services

A locksmith is trained in installation, repair, replacement and opening the different types of locks. These locks could be isolated lock or security key systems or these can even be a part of a more elaborate and complex security system.

Why Use Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services?

Alloy wheels are a real value addition to any car, but they can get damaged quite often. Bad weather, tight parking and potholes can all adversely affect your costly wheels. Replacing your alloys every time they have a dent or crack is not a practical solution as they are by no means cheap.

Do You Drive a Diesel?

Not every auto repair shop is equipped to service diesel engines. Items unique to diesel engines are plenty but it is the items that are shared with gas engines that will confuse the average technician or mechanic. With diesel engines now well above the $10K mark you would probably want to take it to someone who is well versed in their service needs. Look for a repair shop that has a diesel mechanic on staff.

CarMD Car Diagnostic Tool – Determine Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

The CarMD is a handheld diagnostic device that will help you monitor your vehicle’s health and provide you with information that until now only your mechanic had access to. It will help you find out why your dashboard lights are on, as well as what might be wrong with your vehicle. It will tell you what parts need to be fixed and even an estimate of how much they will cost.

Pinning Down Your Car Maintenance Budget

Most motorists shudder at the thought of any more on-road costs. That’s pretty understandable. Prices and options can make anyone’s wallet feel pretty sorry for itself. Those little things that keep getting put off keep nagging away, though, and sooner or later, you’re going to have to get car service, whether you’re feeling able to look at any more bills or not.

An Explanation on How a Simple Car Braking System Works

This is an article to explain the workings of the car braking system. This piece offers good but limited information to the general motorist and should be helpful to both male and female car owners.

Flushing Your Brake Fluid

Most of the time brake fluid is one of the more overlooked fluids in a vehicle. All the more interesting is that with most vehicles with ABS this is a very important fluid to maintain. This article talks about the importance of tending to your brake fluid and how to do it.

How to Choose a Good Mechanic

When you are in need of a good mechanic it can sometimes be a difficult task to find the right one for the job. There are so many shops around everywhere that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to find one you can trust to give you an honest opinion and not just one that is trying to get as much money from you as possible. So how do you get the job done right without paying too much?

Benefits of Tire Chains in Snow

When people think about a little bit of snow and ice, they think about avoiding driving. They try to avoid the roads for a day or two, until the roads are completely cleared, sanded, salted, and safe. While this may work in some locations, it does not work in others. Cities that see large amounts of snow cannot run and hide from bad road conditions – they need to navigate them on a regular basis to keep safe.

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