If you have Ford C-MAX and you hear clicking when turning or steering your Ford C-MAX we will demonstrate what could cause clicking when turning or steering in this video. We demonstrated what could cause clicking when turning or steering on 2013 Ford C-MAX but the video may be helpful on:
2012 Ford C-Max Clicking When Steering Turning
2013 Ford C-Max Clicking When Steering Turning
2014 Ford C-Max Clicking When Steering Turning
2015 Ford C-Max Clicking When Steering Turning
2016 Ford C-Max Clicking When Steering Turning
2017 Ford C-Max Clicking When Steering Turning
2018 Ford C-Max Clicking When Steering Turning
2019 Ford C-Max Clicking When Steering Turning

► Front Left CV Axle:
► Front Right CV Axle:
► Panel Removal Set:
► Tool Set:
► Screwdriver Set:
► OBD Scanner that we use most often:

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How Performance Brake Rotors Can Be Damaged

Performance brake rotors are important components of automotive brake systems. Knowing how they can be damaged is crucial in making sure that they will always function properly or be replaced when necessary.

2011 New Year’s Resolution to Get Out of Debt

Year after year one the top New Year’s Resolutions for millions across America is to “Get out of debt.” Some phrase the goal to, “Save more this year.” Others vow to finally, “Pay off that credit card.” But no matter the phrasing all these well intentioned Americans need one thing in common to achieve these goals. They must all have a plan, and a key element of this plan is guarding against unforeseen financial shock.

Bumper Repair – 5 Myths Debunked

Bumper Repair is the most common car body repair carried out in the United Kingdom. The reason for this is fairly obvious – bumpers are designed to take the impact first of any kind of collision: that is why they protrude from the front and rear of every car. Within the mobile smart repair industry there are a number of myths regarding bumper repair and this article will address five of them:

The OBD2 Reader – A Review Of The Top 3 In The Market

The purpose of an OBD2 reader is to warn you, as the driver, if there are any problems you need to be aware off. You have to use a cable that comes with the package to connect to the car. Because it is slowly becoming a requirement for all car owners to have one, you need to know which are the best out there. This article will feature the top 3 readers you are likely to find out there.

What Is An OBD2 Reader?

In order to diagnose what fault your car may be facing, you would have to get an OBD2 reader. So what is it exactly and how does it helps you diagnose your car’s problems? Read further if you want to know what an OBD2 Reader is.

How to Find the Right MOT Centre?

A good MOT centre should clearly assess the vehicle and report all the problems in it in a clear manner that is understandable by the normal person. If you feel that some repairs do not need to be worked upon, you can always talk with your MOT testing centre to clarify the issue.

OEM Accessories – Learn How to Tell If There Authentic in a Few Easy Steps

Let’s face it, as you get older, parts of you begin to wear away, and may start to need replacing. Well guess what, the same happens to cars. Whilst it may not take seventy odd years, your car’s parts will not remain healthy and safe all of your or your car’s life.

Stop Buying New Tires – Get Wheels Aligned at an Auto Repair Center

When scheduling a car for a wheel alignment at the local auto repair in Chesapeake, Virginia, there are a few things a person should know. The fact that a scheduling this type of service is taking place ultimately means that there must be an understanding of the importance of a wheel alignment.

Seat Belt Safety Tips

Many people take for granted the importance of the seat belt. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has shown in studies that a person is 50% more likely to suffer serious injury or death during an accident if a safety belt isn’t worn.

Brake Repair: How To Save Money

Brake repair does not have to drain your wallet this year. There are ways to save money the next time you take your car into the shop.

Battery Jump Starters: The Cold Facts About The Stanley J5C09

When the temperatures drop quickly, it seems like that is the time your vehicle battery will let you know that it is just not as strong as it used to be. Your four year old child is looking at you expectantly wondering why you are not making the car go. Your wondering how you are going to ever reorganize your day to deal with this small disaster.

Oil Change – Why Not Three Thousand Miles?

As much as we all are trained to parrot the three-thousand mile rule when it comes to an oil change, there are a lot of existing reasons for recently manufactured vehicles to think again. While it will never hurt your car to stick to the old rule, your wallet may thank you to obtain some recent research.

Brake Repair – When to Change Your Brake Pads

Often drivers take their cars for granted, they start when we need them and get them where they need to go. It can be dangerous to overlook the obvious, things wear out including what stops you. But when do you take your car in for brake repair?

How To Find An Auto Mechanic For Your Toyota

It can sometimes be tough to find a good auto mechanic. Finding someone you can trust is sometimes difficult. This is especially true if you’ve moved to a new area or purchased a new vehicle such as a Toyota.

Cracked Bumper? Fix It the Smart Way

A cracked bumper is one of the most common car body repairs carried out by smart (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) repair operatives. Bumpers are designed to handle low impact collisions such as being hit by a shopping trolley, low speed scraping collisions with other vehicles and car park barriers and other minor impacts. Often this kind of accident results in dents, scuffs and scrapes which can be repaired quickly and easily by a mobile car body repair technician with some car body filler, primer, paint and lacquer.

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