Check Engine Code P0011, Rough Running Engine? How to Diagnose VVT Solenoids!

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Do you have a check engine code P0011? Does the engine in your car or truck feel rough, maybe it’s misfiring? In this video, Sue takes you through the steps of identifying and diagnosing a timing problem caused by a faulty VVT solenoid. Trouble code P0011 indicates that the camshaft is advanced further than the computer expects it to be. While that could indicate problems with the cam shafts, gears, or timing belts or chains, with modern vehicles, the variable valve timing solenoid is often to blame. The VVT solenoid is a valve that is controlled by the engine computer. It has oil passages that open and close to advance and de-advance timing of the engine. Dirty oil can clog up these passages, and interfere with the valve.

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0:00 Check Engine Code P0011 Camshaft Position Over Advanced? How to Diagnose VVT Solenoids!
0:20 P0011 – Camshaft Position Over Advanced – What Causes It?
1:47 Locate the VVT Solenoids
3:46 Ensure Proper Oil Level
6:00 Search for Oil Leaks or Burning
8:20 Run the Engine and Pull Codes
9:48 Electrical Diagnostic
13:13 Remove VVT Solenoids
14:50 Bench Test Comparison Old VVT Solenoid vs New VVT Solenoid
18:14 Install New VVT Solenoid
21:44 Do an Oil Change! Road Test
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🔧 List of tools used:
• 10mm Socket
• Power Probe
• Trim Tool Set
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Torque Wrench
• Wire Terminals
• 5mm Hex Socket
• Scan Tool
• Funnel
• Razor Blade / Gasket Scraper

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Auto Repair Services for Enhanced Performance of Your Vehicle

Nowadays the number of cars plying on the road is increasing with each passing day. With the increase in the number of cars, the demand for good auto repair services is also increasing rapidly. It’s very important on your part to take your car for regular maintenance and check up to keep it in proper running condition.

Tire Alignments: An Affordable Cost Saving Solution

One of the most important maintenance activity’s you can perform on your car is a tire alignment. A basic definition of a tire alignment service is the adjustment one makes to adjust the wheels to be sure the vehicle is driving safely and efficiently. When a proper tire alignment is completed the benefits include the avoidance of unnecessary wear on your tires and steering mechanism as well as improved gas mileage.

Antifreeze in Your Vehicle: Check It for a Safe Summer

All internal combustion engines, like the one in your car or truck, have some kind of antifreeze component. Simply put, the antifreeze in your vehicle is a mixture of water and a special blend of chemicals designed to keep your engine within safe temperatures. It is also known as engine coolant in an automotive context. When the engine is running, the antifreeze mixture runs through the radiator, water pump, and many other parts of the engine, absorbing the excess heat generated by the combustion process. The additive is also designed to prevent water from freezing, so when it’s cold outside, your engine won’t be bound up in a block of ice. Coolant mixtures for vehicles also include chemicals designed to prevent metal corrosion and special lubricants to protect the engine.

A Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing A Grease Gun

Greasing or lubrication of machine parts is necessary for maintaining equipment in the construction, automotive and several other industries. Grease gun and zerk fittings are used widely today for accomplishing this task. The grease gun was first developed in the early 1900s by Arthur Gulborg, the son of the co-owner of a die-casting plant in Chicago.

Auto Repair: The Safest Way to Maintain a Working Relationship With Your Car

The relationship between a car owner and their car is a unique one that takes hard work and maintenance in order to make it last. Auto repair, especially on the brakes, is one of the best ways to keep this relationship going. It’s important to pay attention to what is going on with your car and make sure everything is working properly to reap the full benefits of it.

Benefits Of Changing a Cabin Filter In Your Car

Most vehicle owners understand the importance of changing the oil to keep the engine running smoothly to prevent incurring high repairing costs. However, most owners fail to appreciate the importance of undertaking other maintenance works to prevent breakdown of their vehicles. One of these important tasks includes changing cabin filter of the vehicles.

How to Remove a Broken Radio Aerial From My Ford Fiesta Finesse MK5 Year 2000

This guideline works for Ford Fiesta 2003 and other models too like Ford Fiesta MK5 Year 2005. They have almost the same features so what I am going to discuss about Ford Fiesta 2003 will also work for other models as well.

Beware of Collision Body Shop Fraud

Because of the nature of the auto body shop industry, it attracts the attention of people who want to make a quick buck by taking shortcuts and billing insurance companies for labor never performed and for parts never used. Many shops are not concerned about making their customers happy, because you rarely get repeat business from one client since most people don’t wreck their cars that often anyway. So what do you need to look out for?

Effective Auto Repair Can Reduce Future Costs

Investing in smart auto repair can save consumers hundreds of dollars over the years they keep their car, truck, or SUV. While general maintenance such as regular oil changes, tune-ups, and diagnostic checks should be a given for car owners, investing in various repairs can reduce the long term costs of owning or financing a vehicle. Beyond this, consumers can expect to maintain the value of their vehicles if they should ever decide to sell or trade in the future.

Transmission Repair Shop: Word of Mouth Vs Advertising

If you needed a transmission repair shop, would you immediately know where to go? While advertising can be helpful, in the automotive industry, word of mouth is often just as effective.

Post-Wreck Auto Repair

Informed and caring vehicle owners understand when auto repair is needed after an auto accident occurs. Be the damages large or small, if a vehicle is not totaled, there are some measures a good mechanic or automotive specialist can do to restore the integrity of an automobile.

How To Prevent Leaks In Your Car’s Radiator

If you find your vehicle’s radiator is leaking, you need to take immediate action to stop the leakage. However, it is important to prevent leaks in your car’s radiator by undertaking regular maintenance and checkup of your vehicle. To repair the leaking, you will require an automobile radiator leak sealant and some basic tools for opening the entire system.

It May Be Time To Have Your Car’s Radiator Inspected

It is important to have your car’s radiator inspected on a regular basis. The cooling system is the life blood of a vehicle, as it keeps all of the parts from overheating. When you schedule routine inspections of the entire cooling system, there are a lot of benefits.

Ways To Keep Your Car Looking New Including Using A Car Cover

Make sure you are parking your car inside a garage or covered port. Keeping it from being over exposed to the sun can help prevent damage to the paint later in years. With too much heat exposure, paint can begin to warp, chip and peel, even though it is made for exposure to the elements. Also, keeping it covered will prevent it from getting damaged from water which can also ruin the paint of the car.

Auto Repair Is Essential for New Car Owners

All new vehicles need regular auto repair to maintain their efficiency. By taking care of your car now, you can save time, money, and stress further down the road.

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