Car or truck running rough and losing power? How to diagnose your ignition system.

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Is your car or truck running rough, losing power, or have worse gas mileage lately? You might have a misfire caused by a bad spark plug or ignition coil. In this video, Andy shows you how to diagnose your ignition system, which includes spark plugs and ignition coils. He shows you how you can test the spark plugs and ignition coils without needing any special scan tools by moving them around! If you have any check engine codes like P0300 through P0308, this is the video for you. Check it out!

0:00 Car or truck running rough and losing power? How to diagnose your ignition system.
0:40 Why is your engine running rough? Misfire! Code P0300 to P0308
2:02 Access the spark plugs and ignition coils
3:50 Swap ignition coil positions to see if the ignition coil is the problem
6:55 Swap spark plugs to see if the spark plug is the problem
12:11 What if there’s only a random misfire code, P0300?
16:07 How to diagnose misfires with 6 cylinder engines
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