AC not working? Recent accident repair on your car or truck? Your AC condenser could be damaged.

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Did the AC stop working in your car or truck after a recent accident repair? In this video, Sue shows you why the AC might stop working, even if you just got front accident damage repaired! Often times, after an accident, the AC condenser, which is like another smaller radiator, can get pierced or pinched. There’s no noticeable effect at first, there might be a small leak which leaves your AC system exhausted after a few months. Simply recharging it won’t work! The good news is, in most cases, an AC condenser is easy enough to replace yourself, as long as you get the refrigerant removed by a certified technician first!


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The two post lift has been a vital piece of equipment for mechanics and hobbyists everywhere, enabling them to raise cars off the ground so that work can be carried out underneath them. This fantastic advantage means the mechanic can reach any part of the vehicle located on the underbelly easily. You can see these types of vehicle lifts in most garages along with maybe 4 post lifts and smaller types like the scissor lift.

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According to Nevada law, the owner of the vehicle has the right to select the auto body shop of their choice for collision repair. This applies no matter what any organization or policy states.

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Mitsubishi L200 Multipurpose Vehicle. The L200 dual cab is the majority surprising, roomy, stylish, maneuverable, relaxed, car-like pick-up ever, and no inquiry. There’s space in the rear for a cart-load of kit and profusion of strength for towing.

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A good car is an owner’s pride. A badly maintained vehicle can cause a lot of embarrassment. When it comes to maintaining cars, there are certain things you should keep in mind.

Fix Auto Repair Problems Immediately

Even in a good economy, people will often try and save money by forestalling an auto repair in order to save the money. We all deal with dings, dents, and scratches without running immediately to the mechanic, because not every sort of auto problem is a sign of imminent danger, some are just annoying sounds and modules that have become worn or broken with time. However there are plenty of things which should have you calling your mechanic or driving it in for analysis immediately.

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Andy was a little squeamish about coming with me to Africa, even though some of the stories he told me concerning the work on the estate made me somewhat careful, things like the fact that if you want home deliver Pizza then you have to phone and arrange to meet the delivery man on the other side of the main road, they won’t deliver on the estate because they lose their deliver bike, money and pizzas. Great place to live it seemed to me, give me Africa any day. Andy took to Kenya like a duck to water so to speak.

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