10 Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

Many of us have driven cars since our teens. Many people can’t imagine life without a car. They are a symbol of a large part of our lives. Like many things, cars can sometimes fail us.

It is frustrating to have your car break down at the worst time. What if I said that many of the most common causes for car problems can be fixed easily by you? These are the 10 most basic car repairs that you need to know.

1.Changing oil.

Regular oil changes are necessary to maintain smooth operation of your vehicle’s engine and prolong its life expectancy. You should know how to change your car’s oil. This is a fundamental skill for car repair and maintenance. It’s not easy to access the oil filter or oil drain plug in your car.

The basic steps include draining the oil, unscrewing and emptying the oil filter, then putting back the drain plug and oil filter, removing the cap and letting it dry. Next, pour new oil. Nothing you can’t learn from the tons of tutorials available online!

2.Changing a flat tire.

There is a reason that “wheels” is used as slang for car. The tires are an important part of your car. They can also go flat every now and again. It doesn’t need to be difficult to change a tire. This skill could save your life.

Basic steps involve loosening the lug nuts (with a wrench), using a jack stand to lift the car off the ground, removing the lug nuts (and subsequently the tire), placing the spare tire on, wrenching the lug nuts back on, lowering the car, and finally making sure the lug nuts are tight. It’s simple.

3.Changing spark plugs.

We all know what spark plugs do and what they are. These tiny devices are located inside the cylinder and ignite gasoline to power your vehicle. They do eventually wear out after 10,000 miles. It is easy to fix.

These steps are: Locate your spark plugs, remove the spark plug wire and then insert the new spark plug into its place. You’re done! Make sure to watch a tutorial before you do it yourself.

4. Remove scratches from paint

Scratches can be very damaging. Even the smallest scratches can be seen from afar and can ruin the appearance of your metal monster. It may cost thousands to have them removed by a body shop. You can save money and frustration by doing it yourself.

These steps are: measuring the depth of the scratch and then cleaning it with rubbing compound. Polish the area with the compound, wash the area, and finally wax the repair area. This is it. This is how you can save a lot of money.

5.Changing a car battery.

Car batteries tend to die on us at the most inconvenient times. You can find roadside assistance or a tow truck if you are in an extremely remote area. If your battery is showing signs of wear, you can replace it yourself.

These steps are: Remove any covers from your battery, disconnect the negative cables, move the clamp away from the post of the battery, do the same with the positive cable clamp clamp, remove all screws, replace the old battery with a new one, then reconnect the cable clamps. Before you take out the cables, label them.

6. Replacing a taillight or headlight.

A broken taillight or headlight is not only annoying, it is illegal. You should replace them as soon as possible after they start to fade. It is much cheaper to replace them yourself than hiring a mechanic.

This involves removing the screws that connect the headlight bracket to the bracket, disengaging the electrical connector, replacing the bulb with a new one, plugging in the connector again, and finally, replacing the frame.

Sometimes, your frame may be all that is broken. This can be equally dangerous. It can be fixed by following the same process.

7. Replacing wipers.

Your car’s windshield wipers are an important part of its safety system. Imagine what could happen if your windshield wipers fail during heavy rain or snow, possibly causing damage to your new car. You need to replace damaged wiper blades and make sure your windshield wipers work properly. This is a simple fix.

Step 1: Lift the wiper arm off the windshield. Step 2: Depress the tab that allows you to pull the wiper blade off. Step 3: Line up the new wiper with the arm and push it in tight. It’s done! Follow the tutorials to complete it.

8. Air filters need to be replaced.

One of the most neglected parts of your car is its air filters. Air filters keep your engine clean and free from dust and other contaminants. They are easy to replace and inexpensive, making it easy for you to keep your car’s engine clean.

These steps are: Open the hood and locate the air filter unit. Next, remove the cover and clean the housing. Finally, insert a new filter and replace the cover. You’re done! You’re done!

9.Changing brake pads.

Your vehicle’s brakes are an essential component for safety and control. Brake failures are a major cause of car accidents. Your car’s brakes must be in top condition. It is as simple as changing a flat tire to change your brake pads.

The basic steps include loosening the lug nuts on the wheels, lifting the car, taking off the wheels and the slider bolts. Next, remove the brake pads and replace them with newer ones. Finally, put the slider bolts back on the wheels. You should be particularly careful if you’re using replica wheels. This is another easy DIY that will save you money.

10. Jumpstarting a vehicle

This isn’t a simple repair, but a fundamental skill. Everybody should be able to jumpstart their car. It’s not something you want to do.

Take your jumper cables and put them in neutral. Turn off the ignition. Attach one of the red clips (one for the positive terminal) to your battery, and one for the positive terminal to the battery in the second car (the one that willstart). Attach one of the black clips the the negative terminal of your battery in the other vehicle. Attach the other end of the clip to a non-painted metal surface. Now, start your car. You’re done!

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